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Silver Crystal Bullet Stud Earrings
silver bullet studs with crystals

Our Price: $29.99



Check out one of our best selling products at Southern Fried Chics! These handcrafted Silver Crystal Bullet Stud Earrings are truly one of a kind.

These bullet stud earrings are all the rage! They are southern fried, and our trendy online boutique is in love! The bullet stud earrings come in silver. They are handcrafted and one of a kind! They are made of real recycled bullet casings. This isn't just silver made to look like an old bullet. It's the real thing! We love the extra crystal added in the middle that gives the stud some sparkle and shine for those girls who aren't as rustic! These studs are perfect for the days you don't want to wear big earrings, or for when you're feeling more casual. Whatever the occasion, these earrings go great with anything!

Please note that these earrings are handcrafted! There may be slight variations in appearance, and different bullet brands may vary.